Paul D Clifford

True Tales

Of Life & Death

Of Triumph Over Addiction

Of Love & Loss 

Of Joy & Sorrow

A Life Considered

A History Steeped In The Blues

 Singer and Multi-Instrumentalist Composer 

Producer, Engineer and Rambling Poet Bluesman

After teaching myself music, I received multiple WAMI Award nominations for my work writing, recording and performing with "Seminal Australian Progressive Metal Pioneers"


(Including Best Guitarist and Best Original Album Release)

Later, I worked in Recording Studios around Sydney, where I assisted some of the biggest names in Australian Music in their quest for artistic and technical excellence

Names like 

Crowded House

The Angels, Pete Wells of Rose Tattoo, The Died Pretty, The Screaming Jets & Def FX 

For no reason, but for love of the process and the art of life, I write and record in my studio, surrounded by bushland and native wildlife

 in the hills of Perth, Western Australia

I wrestle with hiss and hum on my small but much loved collection of vintage and modern mics and preamps, my 8 track reel to reel, valve EQs and classic compressors

I make stark, vivid and brutally honest songs that speak to my life as an ex-addict, a widower and the sole survivor of 3 brothers born into a life of agony

"I've got bad blood / I've been doing wrong /

and I've paid the price for my life of sin 

/ been hurting way too long"

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Make Up My Dying Bed

Original Blues

Bad Blood Blues

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My Girl's Dead Blues

Original Psychobilly Sludge Blues

Sad Song

Original Gospel Feel Blues

8 Foot Gallows at Dawn

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Aint No Grave

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Run Home Slow

Original Blues