Songwriter Musician Composer Producer & Poet Artiste

True Stories of Life & Death

Past Addiction & Sorrow

Love, Loss, Joy & Pain

A Life Lived

The Blues...

My Pain Is Your Gain

Paul D Clifford's History Is Steeped In The Blues

He has lived a life most will never experience.

Born with Aspergers Syndrome, Paul experienced an extremely tough childhood. 

Targeted by predators and at times sleeping rough on the streets.

Heroin addiction followed, along with persecution from law enforcement. 

His 2 little brothers were killed in a car crash and his partner asphyxiated and died on his couch at 24yo...

But Paul battles on by channelling all of this into his heartfelt and poignant songs.

A Singer and Multi-Instrumentalist Composer, Producer, Engineer and Poet.

After teaching himself music, Paul went on to receive multiple WAMI Award nominations for his seminal work with Aussie Metal Pioneers, Epitaph. 

Paul then worked in recording studios where he assisted some of the biggest names in Australian Music record some of their finest works.

Bands like Crowded House, The Angels, Rose Tattoo and The Church.

Paul records and writes in his studio in the hills of Perth, West Australia. 

He wrestles with hiss and hum on his small collection of vintage and modern mics and preamps, 8 track reel to reel and valve gear to create his songs in the key of life.

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